How to Buy and Pack Kid’s Suitcases

Taking your children with you for traveling across the globe is a fun and educational activity. But when it comes to buying and packing your kid’s suitcases, the activity can be rather tedious. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect luggage bag and how to pack it, so that you do not face the same issues in future.

Buying the Perfect Suitcase:

When buying the perfect kid’s suitcase, just keep in mind your child’s characteristics and it will make things a whole lot easier. Buy a suitcase that is lightweight, with wheels and an adjustable handle which will make it easier for your little one to handle it. Try choosing one with a hard shell; it will make it long lasting and easier to clean. It is a good idea to get your child involved in the purchasing process and buy a suitcase with his favorite cartoon characters on it.

Packing the Suitcase:

No need to cringe at the thought of this, packing a kid’s suitcase is not as complicated as it sounds. Just make sure you are organized and keep all the same kind of things together. Start with the major, bulkier things from the bottom and work your way up. The first things to go in would obviously have to be clothes, neatly folded and arranged so that your child would have no problem in getting them out. Then add the essentials such as toothpaste, toothbrush and other such cleaning tools. To avoid leakage or spills, put the liquids and pastes such as toothpaste and mouth wash into travel sized bottles and clinch them tightly (make sure your child is able to open the bottles). Lastly, but very importantly, add in your child’s favorite entertainment items such as stuff toys, portable games etc., but do not over load the suitcase, that will make it too heavy to carry.

Try to involve youngsters in buying and packing their own suitcases to teach them responsibility and organization. The process is more enjoyable than you think.

Guide to Buying Kids Suitcases

When traveling with your little one around the globe you would want to make sure that the experience is as educational and fulfilling for him/her as possible. To encourage organization, it would be a good idea to devote some money to buying sturdy kids suitcases. Here is your guide on how to go about it.

Shape and Size

Rather than going for large, adult-sized suitcases, you would want to buy one that matches the size of your child to make it more convenient to carry. It would be preferable to buy a suitcase with wheels and adjustable handles because rolling luggage is easier to maneuver and will not put unnecessary pressure on your kid. Some suitcases also have external compartments and hook for additional storage and others with matching lunch bags.


Make the luggage bag as alluring as possible for your kid by opting for something colorful or even better, a kid’s suitcase with your child’s favorite cartoon character on it. No kid can resist a superhero or Disney character. If it is a girl, you can choose a loud floral printed suitcase that is feminine. If a child is involved in the choosing process, he/she will be more careful with the suitcase when using it.


Before purchasing kids suitcases, think about how many years your youngsters are going to be using them. You can expect some natural carelessness from your child, so go for a hard side luggage carrier that lasts longer and protects the items stored inside effectively, but make sure it is lightweight. Also, choose the material that is easy to clean since children are more likely to cause an accident or leakage.

Teach your kids how to be responsible and to keep track of their own things by buying them their own suitcase which will serve as a form of effective training. Happy traveling!